Rec Room for Academy For Software Engineering

The Academy for Software Engineering is a new high school in NYC that has a focus on computer science education. You can read more about it at the main site here or on Fred Wilson’s blog post here

It is opening up very soon and I am helping to put together a rec room for the students to hang out in after school and in free periods. It is ~ 20 ft x 20 ft.

We are hoping some of you would be able to help us secure some of these items asap to furnish the room:

Furniture: Bean bag chairs, couches, small tables, tv stands

Electronics: TVs, game systems, speakers

Books: Technology, entrepreneurship, etc

Misc: Anything else that you think might be interesting to high school students interested in computer science

If you are able to help provide any of these items, send me an email @ frank at startupthreads dot com.

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